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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not too Shabby!

Part of the moving process was the repurposing of Me (see first blog post- The Re-Purpose of Life)

.... Ok, honestly, that's the flowery way to say that I could not fathom spending $4000.00 to move my furniture from Syracuse to Charleston.

Without the boring "duel genderness" --aka living with a boy, and without my Perfectionist-anal retentive- Martha Stewart mother dearest, I could do it MY way. Most people know I love decorating and re-purposing, so what better than your new home!? I went all over vintage/ shabby chic and just thrift store and arts and crafts it up!

I was armed and dangerous with a glue and staple gun!

This is mostly for my mom, because my dad and brothers don't care (I'd be concerned if they did), and momma-kim has ALWAYS been at my new house to help decorate and do my closets. Post-op, making her way down to vacationland isn't so easy (excuses, excuses)...

**so mother, just because I love you... my clothing has not been hung..

 I am such a loving daughter that I am willing to sacrifice my wants and needs (clean house) so that you can feel needed. It's a hard sacrifice, but for you mommy, the world.
How selfless of me, right?

Welcome to the LaPlante Plantation!! Aka my townhouse.

My bedroom I wanted light an airy.
I made all these pillows out of baby clothes or favorite t-shirts, etc.

Bedroom painting of ME! (Mom, don't you LOVE this?)

 I found (for seriously $1) the little sign that reads
"I love you to the moon and back".
I HAD to get it-- that's what Jerbear and Sissy (Jarrett and I ) say to each other. Also, mom I know you are so jealous of the bird cage!

night stand

Fencing turned into shelf.
Moving on... The living room.
 Every person (and I know Jerbear is going to say it too) comments on the missing TV.
It's not missing!
 I find that eelectronics and fancy things just don't go with my decor! My funshui, if you will .


My shelf made out of a fence (Living room wall)

 I love this. I got these old shutters and with help of Timmy, made this amazing shelf! We (I)then decorated with old ballet shoes and an old book and made the coolest decoration EVER.

old toy trunk I turned into an entrance-way bence.

I found this old toy truck (above) at a Thrift store for $6. I used pillow padding for the cushioning and the toile fabric that matches my pretty couch and chair.

I reupholstered and kitchen-bar cushioned the stools and made puppy toy box!

On to where the MAGIC HAPPENS...
THE main dwelling, where most of the fun/action  occurs..
MY KITCHEN!! ( so lame, I know...)

- It's super old and outdated, and it's shape challenged me in decorating but thank God for all my roosters my mom gave me and red, black and white decorations.
Now, if only I had a microwave.... oh! wait, I have a super sleek red pot my momma gave me for Christmas... I can just warm my coffee up in that! 
(yes momma, I am picking on you!)

 It's like the counting game you play in the car as a kid.
How many roosters can you find?

this area has a whole lotta roostering goin on

 But wait! There's more!

The grand art of re-purposing-
Old painted window into hanging pot rack! (Mom this is what you were looking everywhere for last Christmas!)

 I made this cutting board look cooler for two reasons:
1.) the pot-heads that lived in tghe house before me left a nice bong burn on the kitchen Formica. And
 2.) Aunt Peggy forgot to bring me my beautifully, well oiled wooden chopping block. I bought this stupid plastic thingy they call a "chopping board" threw the vintage poster underneath and VOILA!--

 back yard

...awaiting grass to grow.. hopefully this picture becomes a before/after. Just thought you'd like to see the yard

Downstairs Bathroom.. 

Down stairs bathroom- black and white vintage theme..

Updates, furniture, rearranging and more pictures to come!!
But hey, not too shabby, huh?